WhatsAppgeruchten cost of innocent Indians life

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In India, innocent men and women lynched because of false ontvoeringsgeruchten on WhatsApp. Last week, two young men killed when their car in a village and stopped to ask for directions. They were mistaken for kidnappers.

In Assam in northeast India were last week, two young men beaten to death when their car stopped to ask for directions. They are become the victim of false rumours on WhatsApp, in which innocent people are accused of children have been kidnapped. The two thirty-somethings, Nilotpal Das and Abijeet Nath, lived in the city of Guwahati, and were attacked when they were in a village and stopped to ask for directions. The inhabitants of the village ‘recognized’ them as captors for who they are on WhatsApp were warned.

The ‘Fake news’

It would go to a video that show how two men on a motorbike stop at a group of children and then a child kidnap. That is part of a Pakistani campaign to make people aware of the danger of kidnappings. The last part of the video, where the bikers the incident to explain, there was, however, cut out. On WhatsApp circulates so a shortened version. The movie was also provided with a text in which the population is being ‘warned’ for a gang of kidnappers who come to the city would come and kids would want to kidnap. In addition, picked up some local news media, the movie, which many believed that the real facts went.

The result is that the local population everyone attacks that are unknown to them or that the local language does not speak. In the case of the two men in Assam were the villagers them suspicious because they drove an SUV. Thus, they would presumably abducted children to transport. The police in the region will have various people arrested, both suspects of the violence if accused of spreading the false rumors. The lynching last week was also filmed. The days after were different people on the street to demand that the perpetrators be prosecuted.


Unfortunately, the two men from last week are not the only victims. Since april there were a total of nine people, both men and women, lynched because of false rumors on WhatsApp hysteria had caused. For example, in the city of Hyderabad at the end of may four transgendervrouwen attacked. One of them survived the violence not, the three others were seriously wounded. They were begging in the streets when a group of young people those attacked. In total, about twenty people participated in the violence and stood two hundred bystanders the aggressors, to encourage. Reason for the attack: on WhatsApp were circulating, rumors that a gang transgendervrouwen young children would be kidnapped.

A day before the attack on the transgender community was in the same city, a mentally ill man lynched. There were circulating rumors that he is a member of a gang of kidnappers. He was beaten with sticks and rods. The police in Hyderabad after the incident a campaign was set up for the residents to sensitize and convince them not everything on social media to believe. The police believes that there is malicious intent, because with photos of children who are, so to speak, from India, it appears actually to Rohingya refugees, or even Syrian children.

Earlier that month, was also in the south of the country, in Tamil Nadu, a woman of 55 lynched because they are candies, gave them to children. In april it was in the same state of a man beaten to death because he wander aimlessly through the streets walked in.

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