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We have host country yet fear? “Russians may not trust you, they have no fear of doping at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS’

The Americans have on the eve of the world cup in Russia, the host country still heavily tackled. The ceo of the American dopingagentschap Travis Tygart claims that the Russians are not to be trusted. ‘It would be naive to think that the host country Russia would not try to restart the anti-dopingreglementen to break during the world cup’. According to Tygart had the FIFA, of course, never the CHAMPIONSHIP of Russia award.

Tygart placed his attack in the British newspaper The Guardian, after a conference in London with 17 anti-doping organizations. The ceo of the American dopingagentschap USADA states that the Russians are capable of anything. He suspects they are there, even of ” false positive dopingtests’ to lure in opponents of the Russians. According to Tygart, the Russians therein very adept through the hackers Fancy Bears, that he is a part of the Russian device called.

The American dopingjager does not understand that the wereldvoetbalbond Russia allowed the world cup to organize, while the Russians were totally unreliable in terms of doping. The World Antidopingantschap (WADA) showed that, according to him, clearly after the Olympic Winter games in Sochi. Tygart also refers to the famous McLaren-report 2016 that showed that more than 1000 Russian athletes gedopeerd, including football players. They were part of a state-sponsored doping system.

Tygart calls Russia an area that was quite scary for sportsmen. (

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