VTM start recording The Voice van Vlaanderen

1effc3a38da657fa21beebf1af06e328 - VTM start recording The Voice van Vlaanderen

Friday, June 22 start VTM with the filming of a new season of The Voice van Vlaanderen. The popular music will get a brand new decor.
When first getting acquainted with that new decor, it can! Natalia, Koen Wauters, Bart Peeters and the winner of last season, Alex Callier, will occur again in this new Voice-adventure fling!

Do you want rough diamonds, skilled talents, and people who their hobby but already love their profession and want to make, to work to see? Do you want to live to experience how our coaches by the voice alone should let you lead? Would you like to be witness of “the making of the Teams”?

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