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‘VRT committed a significant violation’

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The VRT was fined € 12,500 by the Flemish Regulator for the Media (VRM), because a particular product is excessive in the picture had come. “The rules of the VRM are for interpretation as possible, but we will lay us down in their decision,” says VRT-spokesman Hans Van Goethem.

“The VRT has committed a significant violation, the penalty is this time higher because there is a repetition of the infringement”, says spokesperson of the VRM Francis Soulliaert. Last year, the VRT is already a fine of 10,000 euros for the excessive in view of the same product.

Product placement is allowed in Flanders, but under certain conditions. The excessive image of a product is one of them. And right there is where the problem lies with ‘Daily living’.

“We take into account the rules in our programs, but these are open to interpretation,” says Van Goethem. “We have been given the opportunity to defend ourselves, yet found the VRM that the product is excessive in the picture was come.”

VRT has the previous fine paid. It is not yet clear who the account now presented. “The VRT regulates the payment connected with Hotel Hungaria, the producer of the programme”, says Van Goethem.

“We are certainly not aware through the red driven, we will internally discuss how we have this situation in the future can avoid’, concludes Van Goethem.

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