Volcano Kilauea continues to breathe fire

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PAHOA, The Hawaiian volcano Kilauea continues to breathe fire. Wednesday morning, it was on the top of a new eruption reported. The villages in the area, according to the authorities, again a asregen expect. From canyons on the eastern slope spews lava up to 50 meters in the air.

After six weeks of increased activity, there are still no signs that Kilauea had calmed down. The Us geological service said that the eruption was also accompanied by an earthquake. This had a strength of 5.4. That is since the first explosion on may 3, the rule rather than the exception. The phenomenon is caused by wegstromend magma in the inside and the shift of underground layers.

On the flanks of the mountain are many cracks arise, which slowly but steadily lava runs. The most active, ’gap 8’ is called, without prejudice, by the shedding of volcanic material in the Kapoho bay. There is a dangerous mist of hydrochloric acid when the lava comes in contact with the seawater.

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