View the miniseries Howards End from 19 June on BBC First

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Good news for lovers of British kostuumdrama. BBC’s First picks from June 19, with the miniseries Howards End, a four-part drama from 2017 edited to the masterpiece of EM Forster.

Spring, 1905 in England. Margaret Schlegel is at home with her self-righteous aunt Juley and her hypochondrische brother Tibby if they have a letter from her younger sister Helen who is on a visit to the family Wilcox in their country house, Howards End. When she hears that Helen cases is for the youngest son, Paul Wilcox, leaves aunt Juley directly to Howards End to the family Schlegel to represent – somewhat premature because the engagement there is not. The family Schlegel let the social only one thing was missing from the meeting with the family Wilcox for what it is and live with visiting German relatives have a concert in London. During the execution hits Helen in conversation with Leonard Bast, a with itself, struggling young bank clerk, and after the concert accidentally umbrella. After the mistake has been discovered, gives Margaret her ticket to the Bark and invites him out with them drinking tea in Wickham Place. Bark feels, however, not at ease in their company, and leaves again quickly. By a twist of fate, the family Wilcox to London and rents eventually an apartment opposite the family Schlegel, after which Margaret becomes friends with the enigmatic but morbid mrs. Wilcox.
The four-part mini-series Howards End is from June 19 to 21h to watch it on BBC First. BBC First is on channel 220 in the tv-option ‘Entertainment Channels’ of Proximus TV. Discover the offer here.

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