United States, Canada and Mexico may be world cup 2026 organize

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The United States, Canada and Mexico may in 2026 together the WORLDS organize. That the members of the FIFA Wednesday decided during a congress in Moscow, one day before the start of the world cup in Russia.

The three countries from North – and Middle America got the vote in preference to Morocco, the only challenger. The North American bid received 134 votes, compared to 65 vote for Morocco. One country voted neutral.

One of the 65 votes for Morocco came from the KNVB. “We feel connected with Africa and Morocco”, said back Michael van Praag on Tuesday.

The African nation scored in the evaluation report, that at the beginning of June was drawn up by inspectors from FIFA, though less well than the joint bid. There are currently no stadiums in Morocco that meet the requirements of the wereldvoetbalbond meet.

The US, Canada and Mexico are also already familiar with the organisation of a world CHAMPIONSHIP. Mexico was in 1970 and 1986 host and for the US gold in 1994. Canada was in 2015, organizer of the world CHAMPIONSHIP for women.

Unlike the women’s tournament in 2015, will be in 2026, not a single game played on artificial grass, as reported to the organising committee. Canada, Mexico and the USA promise an average capacity of 68,000 seats in the stadium.

There will for the first time on the opening day of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in three different countries, a match to be played. From the quarter-finals will all the matches in the USA be played, the finals will be in New York finished.

Canada (Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton) and Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara) supply all three host cities, in the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Dallas, Kansas City, Denver, Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Nashville, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Cincinnati, Miami, and Orlando) are seventeen possible host cities. Possible that number is still reduced.


This year’s world cup starts Thursday at 17.00 pm, as hosts Russia in the opening match against Saudi Arabia plays. Over four years, is Qatar’s turn, and then the world cup in the winter months of november and december held.

The world cup 2026 is normally the first edition of the global final tournament with 48 participating countries. FIFA is investigating the possibility in Qatar all that record number of countries to participate. That proposal was Wednesday, at the congress in Moscow is still not put to the vote.

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