There are casualties during season finale Family?

d006e7fa5abded4624b559573143bcec - There are casualties during season finale Family?

It was Wednesday night tremble and tremble blown for viewers of Family and we can already say, however, that such states in the next weeks more will happen. That quake had, among other things with the cold temperature to which Ayo during his attempt to escape to England was exposed. Ayo got Stefanie green light to using a facilitator, the crossing to England in the hope that her friend in that way united would be able to be with his family. Ayo paid 2,000 euros to the crossing to make and it was Wednesday night in a truck smuggled in which a huge load of strawberries. To eat the young man has no lack but on warm clothing. Knew Ayo much that he was in a refrigerated van with temperatures of 0 to 3° transported would be. The future of the refugee doesn’t look good. That Ayo is a temporary role, and that was a few months ago has already been reported. The probability is high that we Ayo will no longer see what is going to happen to him? Will Ayo by the police caught and he will be re-shown? Runs one and the other one still good and hit Ayo still alive in England? Or dies, the young man from hypothermia and we get after a season finale with two weddings this year, a season finale with a funeral or cremation? There is in the coming days and weeks the one and the other one to happen. Emma hangs the still because they are definitely two kids – one of which is not of her – wants to raise. She will soon be with Milou and Mila get? Hanne revalidation home of the collision by Stan, will they soon have to cope with complications? And where is Stan from? It remains eerily silent around him. The relationship between Marie and Lars seems to be on and off and that seems to be Cédric come right out. That seems to be keeping an eye on Marie, but dare there is not yet with her to talk about. Scrapes he soon all the courage and he dares the big step? Zjef Wednesday his father for the first time in a long time, we now know that these two this summer together will spend but will that happen or diving there are new facts about what happened between Zjef and his father have happened?

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