The Smurfs get new tv series

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Now the Smurfs is also about the large puddle in awareness of the win after the cinema, get their homeland, Belgium, a brand new animated series about the blue creatures on the tube to see. Reports that the VRT today in a press release.

Will soon start Peyo Productions with the production of a new series of episodes. It is the first animated series for television in which The Smurfs in 3D version will be shown, just as in the most recent film. Ketnet is for the first time on board as co-producer, just like TF1, OUFTIVI and Dupuis Audiovisuals¿.

Ketnet is with the tv-series about the Belgian comic strip heroes are not to his advantage: over the past years, it was already co-producer of Belgian series as ” Suske and Wiske Junior (Grid), ‘Stoppeltje’ (Belvision), ‘ZOOks’ (Potemkino – Sancta Media) and ‘My Knight, and I (Thuristar). Which series did you smooth the borders.

“I’m very pleased to have the work of my father to continue by the co-produce a new series of The Smurfs, almost 40 years after the start of the universal well-known series. I am convinced that we together with the best players in the market, this series, co-produce and that we are so the next generations can get acquainted with The Smurfs”, says Véronique Illustrator, founder and CEO of Peyo Productions and daughter of the spiritual father of the Smurfs.

The new episodes will be from 2020 to be seen on Ketnet.

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