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The LISK Rebranding Event – A short summary

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On Tuesday evening, the Lisk has been Rebranding Event in Berlin, the Westhafen Event & Convention Center. The Rebranding included not only a Change of the trademark design, but also offered many news and innovations in relation to the Lisk Bloch chain, and the entire project.

Input Max Kordek was in front of 500 spectators on the ground, an introduction and broad Overview to the Lisk project and its new objectives, which are also shown in the following Promo Video:

After the introductory words of Max Kordek, Thomas Schouten, Marketing Lead of Lisk, the new Design, the new Website and the new Lisk App with a new user interface, including Explorer and Wallet. He demonstrated the new look and the new user experience, the revamped Website.

As for a rebrand, given the new and revised applications new names and Icons. From Lisk JS Lisk element, Lisk Lisky Lisk Commander and Lisk Apps will be replaced by Lisk Hub .

Lisk Hub is an application that, inter alia, a own Lisk ID (an address), including a Lisk Avatar can be created. Lisk Hub also serves as a Wallet, which now has a very clear and simple user interface.

A main theme of the new Website and the project, the topic of education was to spread Lisk and the Blockchain technology in society. Input Max Kordek said that access to crypto currencies and the Blockchain technology is currently still too complicated to reach to a wide spread in the society, but also the industry.

One of the from our perspective, the most groundbreaking announcements in the context of the Lisk SDK, the new Lisk Sidechain Development Kit. Via the Lisk SDK, it should be Javascript-developers who have not yet had contact on the subject of Blockchain, an easy introduction to the topic. A great effort to get your own White-Label to create a Sidechain.

In addition, Lisk Hub is to include an ICO Suite to enable developers to create a custom Token and start an ICO with your application.

Lisk Academy

A further announcement of the Evening was the Lisk Academy. This should include for both beginners as well as Advanced information about the topics of the Blockchain, ICOs and crypto-currencies and is divided into “Blockchain Basics” and “Blockchain for Business”.

The Blockchain Basics should include information about the topics of Peer-To-Peer connectivity, anonymity and areas of use of the Blockchain. Blockchain Business to deal with the issues of: implementation of Blockchain solutions in enterprise, Supply Chain Management, the regulation of crypto-currencies, crypto-Trading and ICOs.

New fee system for Lisk

Left cryptography specialist Iker Alustizer explained that the Lisk will introduce a new dynamic, instead of the previous static system of charges. As a result of the rise of Lisk, the fees for a transaction are Alustizer too high.

Due to the increased fees, the user will be excluded with the limited resources of the use of and participation in the network. The new fees should be, according to Alusizer “ therefore, orders of magnitude cheaper“. Details of the new algorithm that calculated the new level of Fees, are still to be announced real soon.

The publication of Lisk Core 1.0 to be held within the next four to six weeks, according to CTO and co-founder Oliver Beddows. The development took, according to Beddows longer than expected because his Team have obsessively tested and the quality of the project take priority over adherence to schedule.

The entire Event, there is here to have a Look:

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