Stan Lee wants restraining order business partner

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Stan Lee is Wednesday to court in Los Angeles, stepped to a restraining order against his business partner, Keya Morgan. The 95-year-old creator of a lot of Marvel superheroes is claiming that Morgan’s abuse of him has made.

Stan Lee here in april friendly in addition to business partner Keya Morgan

Morgan week last year hardly any of Stan’s side. He made videos of the well-known comic book writer, and accompanied him to conventions. But last week he was arrested on suspicion of filing a false politieverklaring. The business partner of Lee had claimed that on may 31, two armed men in front of Lee’s door, and money demanded.

The drama with Morgan is a new setback for the elderly Lee. Last year he was already dealing with a serious pneumonia. Also, he became embroiled in a lawsuit with media company POW! Entertainment. In addition, it considers Lee a former business partner of his blood has been stolen to sell as a collector’s item and to have his signature to falsify certificates of authenticity for comics.

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