Son (7) wanted to kiss with mom Alicia Silverstone

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Many a man (and woman) fell as a block for Alicia Silverstone, when in 1995 they broke through with the movie Clueless. So is her son of 7 was very impressed of his mother. He tried several times to kiss after he made the romantic comedy had seen.

Alicia Silverstone

In The Late Show tells Alicia Silverstone about the reaction of her 7-year-old son on the movie Clueless. Actually, she wanted him, the comedy is still not show it because of the kissing scène between the main character, played by Silversone, and her step-brother. The actress was afraid that her son the wrong ideas could get.

When they decided the dwarf had to take to a special outdoor display of the film, it turned out that fear completely. Hate son, called her mother several times, kissing, French kissing that is.

“I simply loved my mouth shut,” she said, laughing. “And I giggled. It was very gentle.” Presenter Stephen Colbert wasn’t sure what he and Alicia’s story was. Silverstone reassures him “It’s okay’. He does not now. But that he has so of that movie learned.”

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