Ryan O’Neal responds to moordaanklacht son

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Ryan O’neal believes his son Redmond, a jail sentence will have to sit out for a stabbing and other recent assaults. The actor explained to Radar Online that the 33-year-old is not his responsibility.

Ryan O’neal and his son Redmond

The tabloidsite looked Ryan up and showed him a photo of the seriously injured victim of the stabbing. The actor asked first aloud that he this was addressed. “I’m not done?”, says the 77-year-old. When he came to the picture saw, declared Ryan: “Here he goes into the cell.”

Redmond is currently all fixed for a robbery at a supermarket. Earlier this week it was announced that the police suspects of different assaults in and around Los Angeles between 2 and 5 may. In one of the cases is the son of Ryan and Farrah Fawcett indicted for attempted murder. He is also accused of the use of a deadly weapon, assault, and threat.

Redmond gave last month from prison, an interview to Radar. Therein, he stated that his drug addiction and criminal acts are the result of the fame of his parents and “the psychological trauma of my life: the quarrels with my father, out of the house to be thrown away, and the street life, to a psychiatric institution are to be sent, all the time publicly humiliated for who my parents are.” Ryan wanted at the time to not comment on the statements.

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