Roseanne is considering royalties to

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Roseanne Barr is open for royalties that they would get a spin-off of sitcom Roseanne. That tells an insider to the New York Post.

Last month was the reboot of the popular comedy of the tube removed after a racist tweet from the comedian. Since then would ABC network and the producers of the show to sit down for to discuss the possibilities of a spin-off, where the character Roseanne is not listed. One of the difficulties in this process are the royalties that the 65-year-old would receive: the series is based on characters that she created. For ABC would be any format for which Barr paid would have to be out of the question.

The source of New York Post, however, to know that the comedienne is seriously considering her royalty. “She feels as to her behaviour that they come up with a solution for those who suffer from the premature stop of the program. She is thinking about her financial and creative participation in a spin-off, so that everyone has his job intact.”

Last week, tweeted Barr al: “I will give back something for the pain I’ve caused you.” Rather let them know that they are just after her controversial tweet hard, to the end of Roseanne to prevent. “I have begged the show not to cancel,” says the actress about the ABC network. “I have told them that I do everything would do and asked for help to have the right to withdraw. I have begged for the jobs of the people.”

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