Robèrt van Beckhoven, go for the wow-effect in theatre

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Robèrt van Beckhoven has something “very special” in store for bakfanaten. The 56-year-old meesterpatissier and boulanger draws from the beginning of October through the country with his own theatrical foodexperience’. “I’m going to my entire body of work to show and taste, it is very special.”

Robèrt takes theatergoers into the world. “We are going to taste, there are images and music in the show. It gets a very surprising twist, this is unique in the theatre. People are not used to what I’m going to do.”

The golden tip that Robèrt for his audience, not with a full stomach in the room to take place. “That four hundred men in the room get a tasting”, reveals the bakery, also known as a jury member of all of Holland Bakes. “That is the best spectacular. We make everything in advance in the bakery in Town and there is going to be a whole team for them all to share.” Robèrt estimates that at the end of the tour, which he between 2 October and 23 march 28 and again on the stage, about 72.000 “small gently tasting” are distributed.

No applause

“I let them surprising things to taste, but also the gangbaardere things I’m famous for I’m, coming over. My bread is world-famous, but why? That I’m going to explain. And the Brabantse corn dogs are reputed, so that should also not be missing.”

Close with a standing ovation or a minutes applause is nothing for Robèrt. “I prefer that they a hand if they go, that is much more personal.” After the end of the show talk de Brabander, therefore, like a moment with the guests. “I’m not at all close with a bow, or so, I just say: come, we go by in the foyer.”


“It is a different show than they are used to, no Youp van ‘t Hek. While there are certainly jokes in sit down, I have so many bakkersgrapjes… There are serious moments in the show, they laugh a lot and tasted. We go as much as possible for the wow-effect.”

“Of course I have excitement and I will be in the direction of October more and more nervous. The biggest challenge is that I’m not all the way through the ribbon, go of enthusiasm, but the red wire in the holes like. Otherwise, I am so three hours instead of one and a half.”

For now, the theatre show At Robèrt… van Beckhoven – the theatrical foodexperience a “one-time trip.” “But we’re going to see if there is a sequel in there,” says Robèrt, who in addition to his work in the bakery and their café press is with bakboeken, a private magazine, multiple television programs, and courses. “If you say ‘this we often do, then you can.”

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