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Ripples former CTO Codius: competition for Ethereum?

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Stefan Thomas, a former CTO of Ripple, has announced the introduction of the Coil. A Start-Up which developed a new type of Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts, which are developed on the Basis of Codius, run on independent Hosts, and can interact with each service. To increase the acceptance of Smart Contracts.

The crypto-currency, Ripple, XRP, is a means of payment, which allows banks,
international payments in real time. Aim of Ripple is that banks join the Ripple network, and their international cash flows over the Ripple Protocol to handle.

The cooperation with leading financial institutions such as Santander, Western
Union or American Express on a power Ripple to be one of the largest Global players
the market of crypto-currencies.

2014 Ripple’s CTO, Stefan Thomas, the platform was created Codius. Codius is an Open Source platform that is accessible to everyone who wants to create a Smart Contract. However, avoiding Ripple since 2015, the use of Smart Contracts, decentralized applications.

This is due to the lack of available was over a essential market and, therefore, transactions for a smart contract environment were missing. Smart Contracts are a type of contract condition, which are written as Code.

Certain requirements are met, a certain clause in the contract in force.
Usually a third instance ensures that contracts are adhered to, for example, a lawyer. Through the technology of Smart Contracts, this is, however, unnecessary to ensure the trust of the contract partners. The goal is the facilitation of business transactions, and greater contractual security.

Since the Kryptowärhungsmarkt but has greatly changed, and Smart Contracts
now become an integral part of many Blockchain platforms. The idea to bring Codius back to the Start, is in August 2017, Stefan Thomas table.

The expectations of the platform are high. Codius and Ripple are dependent on each other , because Codius Ripple s uses inter-Ledger as a payment mechanism. This
promises a higher return, should win the Smart Contract.

So far, the place the deer was Ethereum Smart Contract platforms. Ethereum allows developers to create their own Smart Contracts, which supports a large number of arithmetic instructions.

Ripple wants to create with Codius is an Open-Source Alternative to Ethereum, which will in the long term compete with to the second largest crypto-currency. However, until a serious and is created to take competition out of this project for Ethereum, it will take some time.

The courses of Ethereum and Ripple are currently located, analogously to the current market trend is in a downward channel and recorded, respectively, resulted in a slump of over 10 percent. The Crash from the weekend seems to be not yet completed. It remains to be seen which direction the market will develop until the weekend.

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