’Recording The Luizenmoeder probably in October

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After a post on the fan page on facebook Quotes mrs. Ank, which stated that on 5 August a new season of The Luizenmoeder on 5 August to would be at NPO3, late principal Diederik Ebbinge know that this is not the case.

Diederik Ebbinge should fans provisionally disappoint

“Very curious who the scripts has written and who the roles are going to play from 5 August. We cannot, in any event!”, he reacts on Twitter. Ebbinge reveals, however, when the recordings for a new season to begin. “We start in October with a run, probably.”

The 6.8 thousand people that the announcement of the second series from August 5, geliked had on Facebook, will be disappointed. The message was a whopping 468 times shared and received almost 13,000 comments. Viewers tagten massive friends and family to get together again the series to follow beginning this year, a hit was and constantly kijkcijferrecords broke.

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