Putin: “I promise to bring the world a fantastic world cup in Russia’

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Vladimir Putin certainly knows that the world cup in Russia will be a huge success. The president can’t wait for the start of the tournament, as he told Wednesday at the FIFA congress in Moscow.

“I promise to bring the world a fantastic world cup. We have done everything to make that possible. Tomorrow, the dream of Russia. Welcome to Russia”, said Putin, a day before the start of the world cup in a speech.

“It was a long and complicated route to this world cup. We have it done, as one big team. The preparation on this major sporting event was not only the task of us as a host country. We were not able to do it without the help of many specialists from the world of football.”

The choice of Russia as the organizer of the world cup brought a lot of criticism because of issues such as racism, human rights, doping, supportersgeweld and political boycotts. Putin is sure that the criticism will not prevail.

“I would like to thank FIFA president Gianni Infantino. He has always reacted positively to Russia and is in a complicated period at the head of the FIFA. He is a real fighter. It is good that the FIFA sports is not mixed with politics.”

Infantino thanked the most powerful man of Russia, with a handshake, two kisses on the cheek and a flag of FIFA.

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