Police find ricin in Cologne flat Tunesiër

4b93a5587457a0e2e547b516f398bece - Police find ricin in Cologne flat Tunesiër

COLOGNE – The German police have in a raid, a 29-year-old Tunesiër arrested in his flat in Cologne, a quantity of highly toxic ricin had hidden. It is still unclear what he was planning. Justice took the case high because the stuff that is relatively easy to obtain, can be used for biological warfare.

The authorities do not exclude that the suspect is a subversive action in the sentence, all are as yet no clues. According to Cologne newspaper the Tunesiër only in november 2016 to Germany come. His wife is also detained but they will not be in a state of accusation to be made. The police, the man was discovered after a tip, and kept him for some time in the holes.

Only Wednesday night was definitively established that the ricin went. That is a biological substance from the bean of the gourd. In pure form it is even to 0.03 milligrams already deadly for people.

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