Piekema, Giant and Sambo in piece about hiv

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The actors Harry Piekema, Mike Giant, and Raymi Sambo play the lead roles in the show Poz Paradise, a presentation on the current situation around hiv and aids. That has director Daniel Cohen published.

Harry Piekema

Piekema, Giant and Sambo play the role of three friends who have been hiv positive and on Gran Canaria a villa to share that they are Poz Paradise have been baptized. In the early nineties, after the diagnosis that a death sentence seemed, they bought this house to be in a warm place the last phase of their life waiting. But with the advent of new medication was also their life expectancy increasingly refined. How they have their future to fill in?

Also Frans Mulder and Doris Baaten to see in the wry comedy about hiv. The rest of the cast consists of Huib Cluistra, Tim Teunissen and Harun Balci. The show is written on the basis of extensive interviews with the people involved to check the authenticity of the story, to ensure. Cohen wants his piece a modern English alternative for aids-related plays like Angels in America, focusing on the situation in America in the nineties.

The theater is part of the cultural program of the International aids conference, this year held in Amsterdam. Poz Paradise is on Tuesday, July 24, premiered in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. There is the performance to 5 August.

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