Pictures K3-series Roller Disco started

710edfbbd91dd4308505d0a75e95bb75 - Pictures K3-series Roller Disco started

Hanne, Klaasje and Marthe K3 in Flanders have started the recording of their first series K3 Roller Disco. In the tv series the girls a hip skating rink to operate, reports VTM News.

For Klaasje, Hanne and Marthe is a little getting used to, because it is their first fiction series. For the recordings followed the singers some rolschaatslessen and that was mainly the Dutch Klaasje use. Last month went, the blonde is still down on the stage during a performance in Antwerp.

“I think roller-skating is very fun. And I also often deliberately fall. That makes it even more enjoyable,” said Klaasje. Q3 Roller Disco in the autumn to see on the Flemish channel VTM KZOOM.

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