Nicki Minaj feels stronger without a man

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Nicki Minaj has himself rediscovered after her marital breakdown with rapper Meek Mill. The 35-year-old rapper feels stronger than ever, she says to Elle.

Nicki Minaj is sad that she has contributed to the image that women love to buy ’oops’

“Spiritually I am the last six months, more grown up in my life and my career than in the eight years before that,” said Nicki. The rapper has since the age of fifteen until last year, always serious relationships. And this had its consequences. “I can remember that I ever thought that I could do everything in life. In the course of the time I went to my self-doubt. From the moment that I realized that I could live and breathe and eat and sleep and walk and talk without a friend, changed something in me.”

“I felt strong and powerful when I was single. The fact that I was a young woman who no man would have need for money”, Minaj further. “I have no husband needed for work. I’ve never been with someone having to sleep for beats. I’ve never been with someone to bed having to go for a record deal. I do not press. I get up when I want and I go shopping when I want to.”

Nicki look now at many things differently. As she reflects on her possible negative contribution to the image about the sexuality of women. So says Minaj that she finds out that the love of a lot of women to purchase. “It makes me sad that they their value is not know. It makes me sad as a woman. And it makes me sad that I might have contributed in some way.”

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