New series of The Smurfs in 2020

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After a new series of Barbapapa The Smurfs made a comeback on television. Almost forty years after the start of the world famous sequence make The Smurfs are preparing for new adventures in a 3D version. The production of the new series is in the hands of Peyo Productions. The Flemish public broadcaster Ketnet is one of the co-producers, reports the VRT.

Véronique Illustrator, the daughter of Pierre Illustrator (Peyo, the spiritual father of the blue figures), is pleased to be the work of her father to continue. “All lovers will be The Smurfs in 3D CGI, discover, just like in the last movie of The Smurfs. I am convinced that we can make this series even generations to get acquainted with The Smurfs.”

The new episodes are starting in 2020 to see on Ketnet. The smurfennieuws follows a few days after Nickelodeon announced that Barbapapa with new episodes returning to television.

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