Netflix’ blocking, exploit prevention: Someone not more than 5 seconds to look at

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Netflix has a training launched for his film crews after their series House of Cards was disturbed by the allegations of sexual abuse to the address of Kevin Spacey.

The decline of Kevin Spacey cost Netflix millions

The rules seem at first sight absurd, writes The Sun. Colleagues may not long-lasting hug, she may not flirt and also not to have each other’s phone number to ask if there is no advance permission is given to distribute. But the most bizarre rule? Employees may not be longer than five seconds to look at that as creepy considered.

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Seksschandaal Kevin Spacey cost Netflix millions

“We have a lot of jokes made about it,” says an assistant who works on the set of the new season of Black Mirror. “The fact that people look at each other, count to five, and then their eyes turn away.” According to the insider, had anyone of the upper staff to a meeting on sexual harassment to learn what is inappropriate. In addition to the previously mentioned rules, he also says that everyone that undesirable behavior is observed, immediately to report.

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Netflix wanted the information not to confirm or deny. At The Independent, gave them a statement. “We are proud of the training against sexual harassment, which we in our productions offer. We wish every Netflix-production a safe and respectful work environment. We believe that what we offer people gives the power to speak out on the set; that should now not be lowered.”

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