Murder Susanna: Baghdad angry over extradition Iraqi

05603231ad96994e846366cb92521311 - Murder Susanna: Baghdad angry over extradition Iraqi

BAGHDAD – The Iraqi suspect of the murder on the German girl, Susanna, who to his homeland had fled, had never extradited may be to Germany. According to Iraq, was the delivery by the Kurdish regional government is an infringement on the judicial process.

The German girl, Susanna.

Ali Bashar has, in the meantime, the German justice announced that he fourteen-year-old Susanna in Wiesbaden has killed.

The Iraqi was as a refugee to Germany come and fled last week from Germany to Iraq, when he was convicted of the murder of Susanna from Mainz in the picture had come. He was arrested not far from the Turkish border in the autonomous Kurdish Northern Iraq. After interrogation, he surrendered to German police who him with them to Germany.

According to the Iraqi government only has the Iraqi ministry of Justice the authority to have extradition to decide.

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