MIeke in duet with Oscar Harris

f4dd7ffcd40524cc250f81fac0bdba55 - MIeke in duet with Oscar Harris

On Monday July 9 are the following recordings of Ment . Find out in Diksmuide place and it promises there is a whale of a lot to be. Also Oscar Harris of the party. The singer lives in the Netherlands but is actually from Suriname. Oscar Harris had several big hits around the world including “Try a little love” and “Soldiers Prayer,” but his most famous is without doubt “A Song For The Children”. In Diksmuide Oscar Harris twice on stage: once with one of his big hits around the world and one together with singer Mieke. Oscar Harris and Molly are close friends for years, and he was there at the time when Mieke last year, her 60th birthday with a party in her garden.

MENT in Diksmuide, Monday, July 9 on the market as from 18: 30.

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