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Michel Preud’homme explains why he re for Standard chose: “The passion”

Michel Preud’homme is for the third time coach of Standard, was inevitable, and so he ended up again in Liège, in spite of the successes of Sa Pinto last season. For the camera of a Standard TV, he speaks for the first time about his return.

The story of Preud’homme at Standard Liege started as jeugdspelertje of 10 years. “I have here my training when the renowned football school, even though it lasted not long, as already on my 18th I was in the first team. And I love some beautiful memories with two titles, the belgian Cup and a European cup final. A fantastic period.”

Then came his second period, when he of 2001, a first time coach. “But when I was actually still not quite ready for. But Luciano D’onofrio was asked after the problems with Ivic and I wanted the club to help. As technical director, I have the season after that the club help herstructeren, a difficult period because I had some hard decisions that not popylair were. But it was an important period for the club.”

In 2006, he was again place in the dug-out as head coach. “When I was ready to go and the club also. That resulted in a new title after 25 years, it is a nice anecdote that the previous one came when I was still a player. But that title, the club has virtue.”

A third time was inevitable, and so he ended up again in Liège, in spite of the successes of Sa Pinto. “I’m happy to be here, I know the mentality and know the infrastructure: I have yet myself to emerge. As Also I have the same assets as the club. That passion and that fire sometimes lead to extreme situations, also for me. But that mentality has me also in other clubs and countries have been helped. That passion to the end, that winnaarsmentalitei is elsewhere also appreciated. Even at Twente and Saudi Arabia.”

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