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Marion Bartoli makes cross comeback

d28c560b3a9670132f240e560a2436db - Marion Bartoli makes cross comeback

Marion Bartoli does not return in the tenniscircuit. That made the French old-winner of Wimbledon (2013) known on Twitter. Bartoli has worked on her comeback, but was met during the training sessions, re-load is on her right shoulder.

“To my great disappointment, I must unfortunately my attempt to return in the proftennis stop,” writes Bartoli on Twitter. “The necessary increase of the number of training sessions to my old level, cause again pain in my right shoulder. I will now take the time to think about the different professional projects that have me are offered. But I do have a lot of meaning to all the proftennis I learned to transfer it to someone and would so like to be a player or player want to coach.”

Bartoli left in August 2013, barely a month after her victory at Wimbledon, the professional tenniscircuit. She walked in followed by a serious virus, and emaciated considerably. In early 2016 she weighed at a particular time less than 45 kilograms. At the moment they are Wimbledon won, she was still 68 kilograms. By the end of 2016 was Bartoli again healthy and she took part in the marathon of New York. They also played several tennis tournaments for ex-players and wanted to be her comeback in the proftennis, but certainly her right shoulder now so differently.

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