Luuk Ikink is furious at VI-men’s

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Luuk Ikink is to put it mildly, not impressed by the comment that Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee and René van der Jibe on the editorial staff of RTL Late Night. This editorial is almost from the same people as those who VI Orange Stays at Home to prepare.

Luuk Ikink

The men of VI went down in the first episode of VI Orange Home Remains fully loose on the last week of Humberto Tan, presenter of RTL Late Night. Although Wilfred Genee his companions arranged in check tries to keep, because they are the editors of Tan have taken, says Derksen soon as ’shit’.

Luuk Ikink, closely involved in the programme, is furious about the attack. “It was a violent eruption. I was myself a little to eat on the bank,” says Ikink Tuesday night in RTL Boulevard. “Not because of Humberto, which can itself be saved, and has enough channels to be here to argue if he wants, only that editor makes so that program.”

“They have a year and a half at the cliffs in had to struggle hard, have worked exceptionally hard and now make that program. There are also people who have lost their jobs.” That there are terms such as ’kutprogramma’, ’shit on the editorial board of’ and ’hittepetitten be used, Luuk, a lot too far. “They sit there for the 3.5 ton is a little out of their nose to eat.”

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