KNVB is grieving along with Morocco

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The Dutch football association KNVB is disappointed that the world cup of 2026, not in Morocco, but in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Secretary-general Gijs de Jong of the KNVB.

“The result is really a missed opportunity,” said secretary-general Gijs de Jong, who along with back Michael van Praag in Moscow was present at the FIFA congress. “We had the Morocco and Africa to be awarded. The football and so also the tournaments should also be reachable for smaller countries and less prosperous regions.”

The KNVB had a day for the election already know on Morocco to vote. “We have been clear for everyone,” said Prague. “The FIFA, and we also, found that also Morocco a good and reliable ‘pray’ was released. We also wanted to if the KNVB loyalty show with the many players of Moroccan origin who have a significant role to play in our leagues. Then I a lot of good responses. That did me good.”

The North African country received 65 votes, the combined American ‘bid’ more than double the number (134). “This election was made in a democratic and transparent process,” said Prague, who on behalf of the KNVB allowed to vote. “I’m glad about that. A shame for Morocco, but the football world has spoken. The way it goes.”

Chairman Fouzi Lekjaa of the Moroccan football federation to see the world cup 2026 to his nose passing.

Before the world cup by a select group of board members of the FIFA behind closed doors assigned to it. “We all know how opaque this game until recently was played,” said De Jong. “There is now no question of. A few seconds after the election was made on a big screen to see who voted. I thought that was quite ‘cool’ and fit in this time.”

Tears in eyes

The voetbalbazen of the United States, Canada and Mexico fell apart in Moscow, with tears in the eyes in the arms. “This is such a huge honor,” stammered chairman Carlos Cordeiro of the American bond. “Thank you all for the trust that you place in us. The football has won.”

The combined American ‘bid’ received with the large majority preferred to Morocco (134 against 65 votes). “We have all worked very hard to achieve this”, said Cordeiro. “We would like to thank also our friends from Morocco. Football connects us, that is also the ‘spirit’ of the world cup. This sport goes beyond borders and cultures. With that in mind, we wish also Russia as the host country of the upcoming world cup and all participating teams much success.”

Morocco hit for the fifth time in addition to the organization of WORLDS. “We continue to work hard for the football, for the youth and to realize our dream: ever world cup in Morocco to organise”, said back Fouzi Lekjaa.

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