Kim Kardashian wants to edit button on Twitter

40a367c911a411495f447ebb2f85c074 - Kim Kardashian wants to edit button on Twitter

Kim Kardashian has the taste of lobbying to address. A few weeks ago she knew that president Donald Trump to persuade to pardon a woman serving a life prison sentence properly finished. And now she has the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, insisted on an edit button, so that people of their posted tweets.

“I had a really good conversation with Jack Dorsey at the birthday party of Kanye West and I think he is good to me has heard about the edit-button” wrote Kardashian on Twitter. Dorsey replied dry: “Now I understand why I was invited.”

Some twitter users ask longer to have an edit button, for example, spelling mistakes can improve. Others will see not sit down, because of the danger for abuse. “People can discussions from the past to customize,” says a twitterer. Another adds: “It’s just a tweet. Your spelling errors are not so harmful.”

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