Kim Jong-un and Trump invite each other out

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Now that the meeting on neutral ground in Singapore went well, it was announced that Kim Jong-un’s invitation to Donald Trump to move to the US to accept it. He invites Trump to turn out to North Korea. The American president would that invitation is also accepted.

Immediately after the first, historic meeting between the American president and North Korean leader made Donald Trump announced that he Kim Jong-un had invited for a visit to the White House. When that meeting on American soil to take place, is unclear.

Now, has Kim already let them know on the invitation to enter. That says the North Korean staatspersagentschap KCNA. Trump also agreed to have gone to bags to Pyongyang.

‘Kim Jong-un invited Trump to Pyongyang to visit at a suitable time and Trump invited Kim Jong-un to visit the US. The two top leaders accepted with pleasure each other’s invitations, convinced that it is a major new opportunity for improved relations between North Korea and the USA’, says the.

Page of the past flipped’

During the meeting in Singapore and signed by the two leaders a joint document, in which Kim Jong-un is committed for the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula. The United States will be committing themselves in turn for security guarantees.

“The North Korean denuclearization will be a very, very fast start,” said Trump during the signing. “I think our relationship with North Korea, and the Korean peninsula are very different with how they used to be.’ Kim stated that ” the page of the past was wrapped’. “The world will be all different,’ he stated after the signing of the ‘historic document’.

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