Ketnet invests in a new series of The Smurfs

48d93b9e56a911315fd09e205c2f6489 - Ketnet invests in a new series of The Smurfs

The Smurfs, as Belgian and even world famous as, say, Magritte and the saxophone, must prepare for brand new adventures. Will soon start Peyo Productions with the production of a new series of episodes. It is the first animated series for television in which The Smurfs in 3D version will be shown, just as in the most recent film. Ketnet is for the first time on board as co-producer, just like TF1, OUFTIVI and Dupuis Audiovisuals. The new episodes will be from 2020 to be seen on Ketnet.
For Ketnet is a logical step for The Smurfs to co-produce. Ketnet wants the Belgian animation field actively encourage by investing in animation sequences from our own soil. So was the result the last years already co-producer of Belgian series as Suske and Wiske Junior (Grid), Stoppeltje (Belvision), ZOOks (Potemkino – Sancta Media) and My Knight and I (Thuristar). This series also put a smooth the borders, making the Belgian animation studio’s possible to be internationally even more on the map.

Maarten Janssen, network manager Ketnet: “The Smurfs have been around since the ’80s, a fixed value on the VRT and on Ketnet, and with these new episodes will remain so for years. We are very happy that we the bond between the Teen and The Smurfs are going to strengthen. We are going to full of enthusiasm for a series to co-produce that is so Belgian, and, at the same time as international. That is true for many animation sequences, which in our country be made, and wearing Teen with a whole lot of fun actively. Penalty animation of their own soil, of which we are rightly proud of it.”

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