Kanye provides rights for Deadpool

08824f7c40b68f9880a84fb0747c5d8c - Kanye provides rights for Deadpool

Kanye West is a big fan of Deadpool. On Twitter he thanked Tuesday, the makers of the movies for their innovativeness.

Kanye West

However, suggested to the rapper that the composers of the films was very inspired by his music. Evil seemed to be the man of Kim Kardashian not to. “I had my rights so offered for Deadpool.”

Actor and producer Ryan Reynolds responded quickly to the tweet, and particularly on the Kanye influences on the music. “Once. I will have a hearty conversation with Celine Dion,” he wrote with a nod to the opening track from the sequel, that the Canadian singer specially for Deadpool was recorded.

Kanye came later with another tweet to his praise for Deadpool to express. “You approach, and the writing is so innovative, I find it amazing how you, the fourth wall breaking.” He repeated that he is open for a cooperation. “Thank you for your innovativeness and remember, please, that I am so permission to enter for the music next time.”

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