John Cena replaces Sylvester Stallone

66de6deed6d3e0d988cb9c0ee2d9ae28 - John Cena replaces Sylvester Stallone

The role that Sylvester Stallone would play in the new movie of Jackie Chan is taken over by John Cena.

John Cena

Chan, who is also producer of the film, playing a Chinese beveiligingsexpert a number of employees must save from a refinery in Iraq is attacked. When he finds out that the criminals have a large batch of oil like city, it switches the help of a former American soldier, who is played by Cena.

Last year announced Chan on Stallone to have roped for the film. It would be the first time that the two actiegrootheden together in a film. It is not clear why Stallone is dropped out.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is given a new name. The old, Former Baghdad, is the track and a new title is even thought of. Going the production of the film under the name Project X.

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