Jan Mulder processed personal drama

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Jan Mulder was a heavy blow to handle. His mother died at the blessed age of 95 years. Still, it was her passing a clap of thunder in a clear sky. In the weekend showed Jan Mulder, as a columnist of The Latest News even noted that his mother told him that they were only after her 80th physical discomfort got. The analyst added: “She is now 96 and is still very much in order. There, I pull me in. I don’t give me about my age.” Jan Mulder has the best outlook on his 73 rd.
Mother Annemie Weeke is Friday at the grave gedrage.

Analyst Jan Mulder is like to be seen by the Belgian public, and that is mutual. In 2015 said Mulder all The Latest News that he is addicted to Belgium and in the Netherlands, he continued to attend to his mother, not her fate to leave it at that blessed age. Itself must he now four to five hour drive from Friesland before he on his destination, and that is quite tiring.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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