Jamie Foxx accused of sexually undesirable actions

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A woman has reported against Jamie Foxx because he is sixteen years ago, sexually undesirable actions with her has carried.

The actor would be the woman in her face, struck with his penis. Foxx calls the accusation absurd, and suing her for defamation, reports TMZ.

The incident took the woman place in 2002 in Las Vegas. The woman reported last week to the police with the story that she was a friend accompanied to a party at Foxx. They would have oral sex with the actor have denied, that he with his penis in her face touched.

The woman then went on the advice of one of Jamie’s friends back home. She claims that they have the next day to the hospital and went to to get treatment for a panic attack. The case seems to be barred, because in the state of Nevada, subject to a limitation period of three years. Nevertheless, the police in Nevada the case in research.

The lawyer of Jamie Foxx says: “Jamie denies emphatically that the incident ever occurred. He will report to the police of Las Vegas against the woman for this false accusation.”


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