Italy angry at the French for migratierel

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ROME – The Italian and French governments are in full collision with each other on the ronddobberende immigrants. Rome demands apology from Paris. As long as this does not happen, it takes the diplomatic crisis continues. The Italian minister of Economic Affairs Giovanni Tria has his trip to Paris to see his colleague to meet will be cancelled. Also, premier Conte is planning his trip to Paris to say where he and the French president, Macron would meet.

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte and the minister of Economic Affairs Giovanni Tria.

The quarrel began after president Macron had a criticism on the refusal of the Italian minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, to the Italian ports to open for the illegal immigrants of the NGO boat Aquarius. According to Macron, the refusal was “cynical and irresponsible.” The spokesman of his party And Marches even said that it is “to vomit”.

Incidentally, arrived in the Sicilian port city of Catania in the meantime 937 clandestine immigrants. They were by the Italian coast guard helped. That was minister Salvini. He wants, however, the NGO-boats don’t help as they are available as semi-human traffickers is considered.

Italians are divided

The Italians are divided about Salvini’s immigratiepolitiek. But they all agree that it is precisely France has no right to Italy to lecture. The country added up the border close with Italy not immigrants across the border. The French police has even once with a firm hand of a pregnant woman and visible sick African woman and the train dragged out of the walls and the Italian border, transferred, where she later died.

Also it says in Italy that it is precisely France for all the problems has caused by an attack to start, then backed by the US and Britain, the Libyan leader Gaddafi. With him, Italy had important economic ties, and there was political stability. After the by the French president Sarkozy began attack is Libya still in chaos and is Italy with the immigrantenstroom stuck.

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