Italian arrested for hiv infection

db3632ba1d8de2b166bb07774e01a168 - Italian arrested for hiv infection

ROME – The Italian police, a truck driver picked up that many women would have been infected with hiv. The 36-year-old man from Ancona denied according to sources from the Italian news agency ANSA that he was suffering from the virus, even though he was already nine years wandering about.

According to ANSA feared that more than two hundred women are infected through no fault of the driver, but it is unclear where that estimate is based. The trucker traveled because of his work throughout Italy. The police try to come into contact with possible victims, that the defendant, for example, via social networking sites and chat sites got to know. They walked up the virus then on through unprotected sex.

An Italian court sentenced last year to a man to 24 years in prison because of a similar case. An accountant with hiv, according to the authorities, purposefully having unprotected sex with women. So infected he dozens of people with the virus. The man who deceived many victims through social media.

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