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IOTA: Autonomous vehicles in partnership with Volkswagen

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At the CEBIT in 2018, the German car introduced mobile manufacturer, Volkswagen, together with the Blockchain Startup IOTA a new Proof-of-Concept. It’s about the use of the Tangle for secure software transfer. We see here the future of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)?

In January, BTC-ECHO reported that the IOTA Foundation and the car manufacturer Volkswagen became a kind of informal cooperation. So Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of the Volkswagen group met, to the IOTA Team and acts as the Supervisory Board. It was planned a collaboration to mutual Benefit, at the time of the Foundation of the experience jungwirth and benefits, and this explores the possibilities of the Tangle.

Cooperation Volkswagen – IOTA had suggested

Surprisingly, the idea of a common project. In the run-up to the CEBIT, which takes place this week in Hannover, Germany, had Jungwirth already the basic outline of a working Proof-of-Concept for Twitter released. With the found approach you want to document the Transfer of Software via radio to vehicles with IOTAs Tangle for sure. Jungwirth referred to this as a “great example of how the Distributed Ledger Technology used in the future.”

Volkswagen wants to integrate the technology into its products. This is to ensure a way that all cars will receive the necessary data to make certain Updates to run and to function as a part of the growing digital world. This also has an impact on driverless and self-driving, Autonomous vehicles, as the industry strives as a model for the Future

“The Distributed Ledger Technology is crucial for the future of trust transactions. IOTA has a large potential, the market leader in DLT-area“,

Jungwirth says.

IOTA course is still unimpressed

In the automotive industry, this message finds a lot of attention, it is but another step for the corporations to make the DLT. On the crypto-market, the News provided, however, no large growth. Accordingly, IOTA, in accordance with the collective rate fall from 10. June, on the morning of the 12. June only slightly and shows a 24-hour Plus two percent.

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