Invited Blatter stores opening world cup about

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MOSCOW – He has an invitation in the pocket of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, but Sepp Blatter will not see at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia.

Sepp Blatter

The 82-year-old Swiss showed through his spokesperson know that he is in any case, Thursday is missing in the opening match in Moscow between the host nation and Saudi Arabia. When he does go to Russia, remains unclear.

Blatter had between 1998 and 2015, led by wereldvoetbalbond FIFA. The Swiss decided three years ago to resign, just after he was re-elected as chairman. Blatter was get hooked up in a corruption-scandal, that ultimately a suspension of six years of war. The elderly Swiss may, however, football matches, visits.

Blatter leaves occasionally via Twitter yet. The former voetbalbaas called last week, Brazil, France, Germany and Spain are favourites for the world title.

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