Infantino: ‘Soccer conquers Russia

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MOSCOW – With a joke has president Gianni Infantino of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA congress in Moscow opened. The myth is that Russia has never been conquered. But the breaking news today is that Russia today is a conquered going to be,” said Infantino. ,,By the football, that is.”

Zabivaka, the mascot of the world cup 2018

The 48-year-old Swiss has high expectations of the world cup in Russia. ,,Tomorrow is the kick off in the beautiful Loezjniki stadium. The soccer ball goes for a while, conquer the world. Together with the 150 million inhabitants of Russia, we are going to the most beautiful event to celebrate that the world has ever seen. I am Russia grateful and also president Vladimir Putin, who later today will come and join the congress.”

Ghana is missing on the 68th congress of the FIFA, because the chairman of the national football association because of a corruption scandal is left. The other 210 members of the global bond are, however, of the party in Moscow. They decide, among other things, where the world cup of 2026 will be held.

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