Incident with rapper on MNM: “Dj Brahim and Astrid were honest and correct,”

44c7121340665b2bdd65f812751d943c - Incident with rapper on MNM: "Dj Brahim and Astrid were honest and correct,"

The dj’s of the MNM Brahim and Astrid have integrity, and responded properly after an incident with rapper Bissy Blaza. It reports the press service of the VRT this afternoon. The rapper wanted to criticism on the current issue in Palestine, but went according to the public broadcasting service about the wrote.

The incident dates back to Thursday, may 3. The MNM program to “Urbanize” had rapper Bissy Blaza guest on the occasion of his new clip “Money to the dead”. The rapper wants in that video clip, react to the situation of the Palestinians.

The rapper got in the program the time to his number, but at the end of his performance began the rapper slogans to recall that, according to the VRT can incite hatred. The Latest News wrote today about the incident and placed a by the rapper engineered mounting on his website. This includes but is more to see and hear how the rapper after the gig and outside broadcast on MNM, in discussion with Brahim and Astrid.

The VRT confirms today that there is a commotion arose around the activities of the rapper in the broadcast of “Urbanize”. “With MNM, and ‘Urbanize’ we want a broad platform for young people and artists to urban music and culture to share. We have respect for every opinion, but we draw the border with opinions that incite hatred and discrimination”, does the public broadcaster.

“According to the arrangements regarding integrity within the VRT have dj Brahim and Astrid during that broadcast indeed acted correctly. ‘Urbanize’ was abused by the rapper at the end of his performance, slogans began to call that can incite hatred. The dj’s have decided upon the micro closed. Outside the broadcast are Brahim and Astrid in a respectful manner, in dialogue gone with the rapper. That trust was violated because the rapper and his entourage this conversation in the secret filming, and then a manipulated montage of have spread. This is proof, not of respect,” according to the public broadcaster.

MNM VRT and emphasize that the dj’s Brahim and Astrid integer and correctly to work are gone, and they regard the matter as closed.

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