Imprisonment Dukes of Hazzard-actor has unexpected end

e49895e7db6ad0cf95a7d202586358ed - Imprisonment Dukes of Hazzard-actor has unexpected end

Dukes of Hazzard actor John Schneijder left Tuesday to prison for a punishment of three days. But that ran a little different.

John Schneider

According to TMZ came to the star at half past eleven in the prison for three days. He had the punishment due to the fact that he, his ex-wife more than $ 150,000 is guilty of partner maintenance. But instead of three days later, came John Schneider the same day at a quarter to four already free.

It may seem like the former actor, now producer, as a celebrity privileges, but according to TMZ is that is not the case. His early release is a result of the overcrowded prisons in the county of Los Angeles.

Yet, he is also not yet completely rid of it. Schneider still have a long list of financial obligations and he must be a community service to perform 240 hours. If he doesn’t, then he can have five days in jail. All that will probably, eventually, but 8 hours, witnessed the incident Tuesday.

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