IJsverlies Antarctica has tripled since 2012

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WASHINGTON – The loss of ice in Antarctica is, since 2012, has tripled. Therefore, increased sea level only in that period for a further 3 millimeters. That report space agencies NASA and ESA, the international research are supported where the alarming rise in came to the fore.

On the frozen continent is enough ice present at sea level with 58 meters to rise, if it is ever going to melt. Since 1992, the water level in the oceans of the world with 7.6 millimeters by the ijsverlies. Almost half of that increase took place in the past five years, the investigators concluded.

“According to the study, provides the ijsverlies in Antarctica sure that the sea level today, faster rises than at any other time in the past 25 years”, warns NASA. The research included employees involved of dozens of international organizations. They published their findings in wetenschapstijdschrift Nature.

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