Half a million people watching boiling Ronald de Boer

More than half a million viewers saw Ronald de Boer Tuesday night in the final of Superstar Chef win. In the slotaflevering of the cooking show, The Farmer against actress Jelka van Houten.

Ronald de Boer

The finalists had three rounds to prove who is the title deserves. Ronald de Boer, who during the competition was supervised by chef Jaimie van Heije, won the title. The program is on the twentieth place of the best viewed television programs of the Tuesday night.

Most of the viewers voted on the NOS News (1.5 million). On the second place in the Top 25 of Foundation for sight examination, the Orange won a world cup qualifier against Slovakia. Almost 1.1 million viewers saw Lieke Martens the only goal in the match score. On the third place the RTL News with 979.000 viewers.

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