Guy wins a Homo universalis in Anyone Famous

73852a83fb553beb4d40fce537a897ed - Guy wins a Homo universalis in Anyone Famous

The past few months followed daily nearly 1 million Flemings suspense-filled adventures out of the ‘Homo universalis’ in Anyone famous. 100 days long looked for Anyone famous to the man or woman who has everything, or in other words: the strongest was in 100 consecutive commands. 100 candidates tried their chance, and were daily a new command. Catch a ball, do a puzzle, blindfolded, finding your way out, visit the gym with the Coach, language tests with Kurt Van Eeghem… could do everything. Every day there was someone, until finally only two contestants were left that to the limit, competed.
Wednesday night was the finale played and the 47-year-old Guy from Geluwe are crowns to be the only true homo universalis. In the final he took on against the 30-year-old Ken from Pellenberg (Vlaams-Brabant), who took the previous weeks of hard smashed in the contest, but eventually the worst of it was hollow.

Guy explains: “Because ‘Homo universalis’, a new section was, I was not able in advance to estimate how it would run. But the call made me very curious. I was hoping especially to not in the top 10 drop outs. When I got in the game, I started getting some new goals: on the last 50, the last 10… Think of the profit? That came only when I got to the last 5 was. But I worked command by command, you could never predict what the next assignment would be and what kind of talent they wanted to measure.”
Guy and Ken take the Wednesday night against each other in a summer vacation-relay race. They start at the relay with a towel and have the first towel on an empty lounge chair next to the pool. On the way to the deck chair, however, they need to first have an espadrille in a rubber boat aim, a couple of exotic meals, appoint, fill a bucket with sand and a bottle flip to do with a bus of sunscreen. When his towel on the sun lounger can win a year of free vacation, the loser goes empty handed and has 99 contracts survived for nothing.
Guy wins, after a poor start, with a big lead the race. He may, after 100 days of work, the homo universalis, and can in addition, enjoy one year free holidays, offered by Neckermann. Guy: “I was happy when I heard that the final a estafetteproef was with different tasks, luck, a little knowledge and a bit of dexterity! Unfortunately lap the race from the starting blocks of my side and I got that espadrille, but not in the boot chucked while my medefinalist to Know all went on to the third trial! But fortunately I could that backlog still to make up. What is a discharge in the end, when the confettikanon went off in my profit. There are really no words for it!”

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