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Guest post: IAMHERO ICO with revolutionary technology for job search

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The young platform IAMHERO starts with a revolutionary technology and tried to bring momentum in the job search. Using artificial intelligence and the Blockchain technology job seekers and employers should find it quicker and easier for each other.

IAMHERO is already for some time on the market and could develop well so far. The international Team has brought the first features in the new platform, and advertises in the framework of the ICOs for the entire project.

What IAMHERO offers more value?

If you invest in a cryptocurrency that would, of course, always know what are the advantages of these offers and where the specific added value. To support a project, and a currency that many investors according to the value, because you want to have a justification for why you are just here to invest and why the Investment is worth it in the long run.

IAMHERO is a modern project, which has set itself the goal to provide jobseekers and employers a Benefit. The application process is to be improved with the use of artificial intelligence, as well as using the Blockchain technology and, above all, but also accelerated. The standardized process of the application, and must currently be on many platforms go through, is usually only a digitization of the for more than 30 years of existing processes. New Features and benefits are usually not integrated and artificial intelligence in this branch is mostly a novelty.

Artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology to perfect the process between the employer and the employee

The IAMHERO platform is designed to bring applicants and employers together, and considerably faster, more modern and more targeted than it has so far been the case. CVS can be updated live and every candidate can add to his Person and his profile attributes that can help to find the right employer.

Why is an optimization of the application process required?

Who lives a the application process, will ask themselves at many Points, as this process can be accelerated. In addition, many people are wondering how the process can be modified in a way that he can find, in any case, the perfect employer, or from the other perspective, the perfect employee the perfect employee. By personal attributes, specific descriptions, and the use of artificial intelligence much better constellations can be constructed, as if the well-known process of application will go through.

The goal is similar to that of a football team is an ideal Team. An employer who is looking for an exciting project different characters with different skills and expertise, this can be found on the IAMHERO way much faster and with less effort than is the case when the conventional way with many interviews will lived through. The goal is to find the optimal combination of personality and skills, and to work as dynamic and agile.

Iamhero brings together workers and employers. Image Source: Screenshot

In order to make a successful Team for a project or to work on the legs, it is necessary that this is well coordinated and the individual personalities complement each other perfectly and really harmonize with each other. To achieve this goal, work with new processes and procedures, taking into account of artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology much better than it has so far been the case.

What is the role of the IAMHERO plays tokens and what information it gives to the ICO?

The entire project is supported by the IAMHERO Token, which can be purchased in the framework of the ICO Pre-Sale. Image Source: Screenshot

The IAHC Token is since 20. February 2018 in the Whitelist for sale with a discount of 40% offered. The Trader can enjoy the discount until a sum in the amount of $ 750,000 was taken. It should be noted that there are then further phases, in which the Token with a discount in the amount of 28%, as well as in the amount of 10% is offered. The whole of the ICO can have a maximum commit a sum in the amount of $ 5 million and is capped at this amount. In the framework of the ICO, the IAHC sale ETH takes place is based.

Who is behind the IAHC Token and the project?

These and other individuals belong to the international Team. Image Source: Screenshot

Behind the entire project, an international Team, which now consists of more than 10 people. The Team not only takes care of the programming of the platform, but works with passion to make the platform as well as the Token is known and to promote it. From the PHP developer from project Manager to the Investor in any Form is present in Expertise. Corresponding information can also be found in the Whitepaper, on the website of the Token .pdf file is readable.

What are the advantages of Token?

In contrast to many other projects supported currencies with their own Crypto, this is a real value-based coin. This means that an increase in the transactions, the value of the Token is set to rise. Basically, it is invested not only in a Token, but in a complete project.

How do I find the right crypto investment for me?

Who is looking for a crypto investment, the white is often not on what he has to pay attention to. The following list can help to find a suitable Investment:

  • What I support through an Investment in a certain currency?
  • As long as the product is already on the market?
  • What successes are undetectable?
  • How many investors are there already?

These questions can help you to find a suitable crypto investment and IAHC quite a quick and uncomplicated answer.

As far as the platform at the current time?

Currently, can already be reported that some parts of the system are already functioning and intensively tested. This means that the CV can be worked and used. The Profiles created by the users of the platform, are located in an extremely safe environment. It is to be noted that many of the information can be updated in real time, and Links to the CVS can be sent to potential employers. Also workers, which IAMHERO is not yet known, you can get the Link to the resume and call. Examples will be presented to the users directly on the platform itself.

Guest contribution by Rainer Brosy

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