FIFA-president Infantino announces ‘revolution’ to transfergebied

6809d4da9106e5713e8f2de560c41080 - FIFA-president Infantino announces 'revolution' to transfergebied

The FIFA is planning to make the current transfer system to fundamentally change. That said president Gianni Infantino on Wednesday during his opening speech at the congress of the wereldvoetbalbond in Moscow.

“We are working on a real revolution on transfergebied. It is necessary to put an end to the shadowy images around transfers,” said Infantino.

That seemed to be the FIFA president to goals to agents, which is often millions of money on the transfers of their players. “We need to ensure greater transparency. The players must be protected, just like the clubs that the players train.”

How the plan of the FIFA look exactly, could or wanted to Infantino Wednesday not yet say.


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