FIFA limited loss of up to 160 million

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MOSCOW – The wereldvoetbalbond FIFA has the loss over the past year, limited to ‘only’ 189 million dollars, is translated as a 160 million euro. The bond feared for almost 380 million euro in the red to finish. A year earlier, in the year 2016, the loss amounted to 350 million euros.

Chairman Gianni Infantino speak to the FIFA congress to

The equity of the FIFA now amounts to less than 1 billion euro. According to chairman Gianni Infantino, the red figures of the last few years by a new way of accounting, investments in football and mainly due to legal costs. The FIFA has a lot of court cases have to carry out as a result of the large-scale omkoopaffaire within the global federation. Also hooked a few big sponsors because of the corruption cases.

Infantino expected in this world cup year a large profit. ,,The financial future looks bright,” he said at the annual congress in Moscow. ,,When I was two years ago, in taipei, taiwan, was the FIFA clinically declared dead. But we have plenty of in life and do well with fun, passion and a vision for the future.”

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